Millen Road Animal Hospital offers diagnostic surgeries critical care medicine, dentistry,electro cardiograms,blood evaluations for wellness and route vaccines.

Laser Surgery *NEW SERVICE

Millen road animal hospital is now offering laser surgery at our clinic, Benefits of laser surgery include:

  • Less pain
  • Less bleeding
  • Quick healing
  • Quick recovery
  • Very less chance of infection as laser kills bacterias and viruses as well.

Consultations & Physical Exam

It all starts with a consultation with the Veterinarian. During the consultation your pet will have a physical examination.

Wellness Programs

Our Wellness Programs are geared to the age of your pet. There are Puppy and Kitten Wellness Programs and also Programs for Adult and Senior dogs and cats. During these visits we discuss things like preventive health measures, diets, supplements, behavior and useful vaccine schedules individually created for your pet's particular needs.

Screening Tests

We often use Screening tests to check for conditions that can cause problems later on, e.g. Hip Dysplasia, Heartworm, Glaucoma, Intestinal Parasites etc. Good preventive care can save a lot of suffering (and money).

Diagnostic Work Up

If your pet is sick, we will be going through a series of questions to find out as much as possible about the illness. You are very important to us since you are living with your pet all the time. You know your pet well and you will be the one answering the questions! Getting a good history ("the signs and symptoms you have noticed ") is very important and will help get us on the right track for a faster diagnosis.

Once we know as much as we can about the history and we've finished our physical examination, we may be able to answer all your questions immediately. However sometimes there could be more than one possible diagnosis, so to be certain about the cause of the problem we may have to do some tests.

Blood Tests, Lab Tests

We can do blood tests, urinalysis, fecal analysis and cytology etc either here in our clinic lab for fastest results, or at a referral lab for the more specialized tests (we've even had a sample sent to a lab in California!).

Imaging Tests, Cardiology

As in a human hospital we are often running tests like x-rays, ultrasonography, endoscopy and EKGs.


Once we know what's going on we can provide you with the necessary medications straight from our pharmacy to start the treatment as soon as you get home. We frequently dispense medications for arthritis, medicated baths and other routine problems like flea control and heartworm prevention, as well as disease specific drugs developed especially for animals. Sometimes we will give you a prescription for a human drug if it is necessary and we can also discuss alternative therapies in appropriate cases. These days even chemotherapy and cancer treatment are becoming more available and successful for our pets.


We provide surgical services, everything from neutering (for males) and spaying (for females), to exploratory abdominal surgery and orthopedic surgery e.g. cruciate ligament (ACL) repair and fracture repair.


       Image result for before and after dentistry dog

 Preventive cleaning and polishing and dental surgery and extractions are all commonly dealt with here              at Millen Road Animal Hospital. Dental X-rays coming soon.

Anesthetics & Pain Control

Obviously we can't do surgery or dentistry without anesthetics. We use various anesthetics and analgesics (pain killers) tailored to the individual needs of each patient. A pre-anesthetic blood test is strongly encouraged so we can ensure the best choice of medications for your pet. No one likes to be in discomfort and it is well known that patients (both human and animal) recover better if they're not in pain. We treat your pet as our own and we treat each one as an individual.

There are many other services we provide on an every day basis. These include:


"Microchipping" has become the most popular method of permanently identifying your pet. Our microchips can be read all over Canada and the US.

Pet Supplies

We have a selection of diets and supplements for both healthy pets and those with specific requirements.

For fun we often have seasonal toys and treats.

Counseling & Advice

We are constantly providing advice on puppy and kitten training, nutrition and behavior etc. However, sometimes we deal with things that are too complex to deal with in a single consultation and need more time. Many situations from Puppy Training to Grief Counseling need as much time as they need. We have many information sheets to take home from our library, informational videotapes to borrow and some excellent links from this site to help you.

Referral to Specialist

Medical knowledge is said to be doubling every 18mths so we are constantly keeping up through continuing education lectures, educational magazines, internet etc. If we feel a specialist is necessary to perform a particular procedure we will let you know and suggest we call one in. Sometimes it's because we might only do this procedure very rarely and sometimes it's because the procedure calls for specialist equipment.


When you are unable to bring your pet to the clinic yourself, we can make arrangements for a pet transport service to pickup and deliver.

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